The Venice Draft

Venice, September 13th, 2003

– Building a network to engage
in the transformation of society –

Ideas stand at the beginning of each transformation, ideas can change society.

Art is the expression of human creativity, creativity is about questioning the status quo and provoking changes. In our rapidly changing society we feel the need for art to engage in the transformation of society and become an active part of this transformation.

However, the freedom of art to formulate ideas also results in a responsibility of socially engaged art to follow up the development of the ideas it formulates and to be aware of the changes it might bring to society.

Our desire is to collaborate in the expansion of our possibilities and to start a network which is open for everyone to engage with us in the responsible transformation of society.


Love Difference Michelangelo Pistoletto 
Pettek, Tal Adler 
United Transnational Republics, Georg Zoche


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